Japan Energy Components Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “we”) establishes the Privacy Policy as follows in relation to the conduct of its business and strives to protect personal information.

1. Definition of Personal Information

The Company recognizes that “Personal Information” is information about a living individual (the name, the date of birth or other information based on which a specific individual can be identified) and codes representing physical features (DNA, voiceprint, fingerprint, etc.) of such individual, as well as codes assigned to such individual according to Cabinet Orders, etc. (personal number, driver’s license number, passport number, etc.), as stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc.

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, guidelines stipulated by the government and any other rules with respect to Personal Information, the Company shall strive to ensure that every person involved in work at the Company is well informed of the same, and shall comply with the same.

3. Appropriate Use of Personal Information

When collecting Personal Information, the Company will collect such information to the extent necessary by specifying the purpose of use, notify of or disclose such purpose of use, and use the same within that extent.

4. Cookies and Web Beacons

The Company’s website uses cookies and web beacons (*1) for the purpose of activating site functions, measuring performance, providing you with social media functions, displaying relevant content, etc. Their use neither infringes on your privacy nor negatively affects your computer.

You may deactivate cookies in your browser settings, but please be aware that this may partially restrict your use of the website. As a side note, this website does not refer to cookies written by other websites or any other data stored on a hard disk.

※1 A web beacon is a mechanism in which an invisible small image (1 × 1 pixel GIF image) is embedded on a web page or in an HTML email to collect information that the same has been viewed. This allows us to accumulate information on your viewing of the web page / opening of emails / preview status.

*About Google Analytics
Some of our pages use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc. to track your visits of this website. When Google Analytics is used on our website, Google, Inc. collects, records and analyzes your visit history of this website based on the cookies issued by the Company. The Company then receives the analysis results from Google, Inc. and keeps track of your visits to this site. Your information collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics does not include any information that could identify a specific individual. Further, such information is managed by Google, Inc. in accordance with its privacy policy.

You may suspend such collection of your information made through the Company’s use of Google Analytics by disabling Google Analytics in the add-on settings of your browser. Google Analytics can be disabled by downloading “Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on” in the Google’s download page for the opt-out add-on, installing the same, and changing the add-on settings of your browser. If you disable Google Analytics, it will be disabled also for any other website visited by you. Google Analytics may be enabled again by reconfiguring the add-on settings of your browser.

For explanation of the Google Analytics Terms of Service, please refer to the Google Analytics website, and for explanation of the Google Privacy Policy, please refer to the website of Google, Inc.:

5. Security Control Measures for Personal Information

We will continuously improve the prevention of any unauthorized access to Personal Information or of leakage, loss or damage of Personal Information, as well as enhance our Personal Information security system, and will promptly take corrective measures if any problem arises.

6. Improvement Measures

We will strive to appropriately respond to changes in the social environment regarding the handling of Personal Information. We will also strive to continuously improve this Policy and other rules and regulations, by making alterations, modifications or additions as necessary.

7. Response to Complaints or Inquiries

We will respond to any complaint or inquiry regarding the handling of Personal Information in a prompt and faithful manner.

[Contact for Inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy or Complaints/Inquiries regarding Personal Information]

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Japan Energy Components Co., Ltd., Personal Information Inquiry Desk

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